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Bloglines - Trans-Generational Housing

A story on the increasing demands for multigenerational and livable communities. 

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Trans-Generational Housing

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Here's some new lingo in housing: "Boomerang" and "Sandwich"

What might these phenomenon mean might for universal design in private homes?


Boomerang Kids, Aging Parents Changing Housing Needs for Boomers

A recent study conducted by Del Webb that shows many baby boomers anticipating empty nests can also expect that the nests won't be empty long.

According to the 2004 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey, 25 percent of the boomers polled anticipate their adult children will move back in with them, a pattern known as "boomeranging." Currently, more than 25 percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 live with their parents, according to U.S. Census figures, a number that is expected to grow. Additionally, boomers may also choose to house their aging parents who are no longer able or willing to live on their own, making them a "sandwich generation." These changing dynamics are expected to impact boomer housing needs.

The survey found that those who may face both the boomerang and sandwich generation phenomena are interested in communities that can help them accommodate these changes. Baby Boomers (ages 40- 58) are more than twice as likely as those aged 59-70 to prefer an active adult community that is part of a multigenerational development.

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