Sunday, August 07, 2005

Disability Blogs: A Roundup

Lots of topics coming up around the disability blogs... just a roundup of a few:

Others link to "Deafness in Disguise," the recent online exhibit about the history of hearing devices, but Mary Johnson goes farther, asking why glasses became no big deal, even cool in some ways, while hearing aids never have, and seem to require "disguise." She also, perceptively, critiques the advertising for laser eye surgery that tries to reinstall shame/annoyance about wearing glasses where there isn't much to start with.

Programs serving people with disabilities are shutting down all over the US. Some you'll hear a more about, like the Tennessee case reported here and elsewhere; but others, not so much. Two examples: Charmenders at Quiescent Voices noted that domestic violence survivors who are Deaf will soon have fewer options in Austin TX, when the DAWCAS (Deaf Abused Women and Children Advocacy Services) reduces its services for lack of funding. (Their federal "Victims of Crime Act" funds are being discontinued.) Madeleine Gomez Schwartz at DNNYC (a yahoogroup with an RSS feed) posted that "the External Education Program for the Homebound in Queensborough Community College is closing at the end of this month."

Sanford Hausler's FAPE Page caught the story of how Los Angeles Unified School District has "completed only a tiny percentage of renovation projects" designed to make its buildings more accessible for students with disabilities; and they're also dealing with continuing racial disparities in special education, as are the districts in Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties in Maryland, as noted on the Disability Law blog and The Gimp Parade. The Gimp Parade also picked up on the Village Voice article about disability studies "mucking up the dichotomy"--which sounds like a bumper sticker: "Disability Studies: Mucking up the Dichotomies."

Scott Rains has details about two upcoming Universal Design conferences, in Santa Cruz CA (August 19, focus on urban infrastructure) and Woodbridge VA (September 28, focus on single-family dwellings), and suggests that a midwestern conference would also be nice to see...maybe with a focus on hotel/motel/hospitality projects. Christiane Link is questioning her German bank's strategy for advertising accident insurance. And Kim Luty has tips on buying adapted vehicles.

What are folks reading, or trying to read, or listening to? Scott Laurent at Disability is an Art has been reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Meanwhile,
Kestrell is looking for a copy of Martin Caidin's book Cyborg to scan, and musing on bionic men, women and dogs in the context of prostheses. And David Facheux explains Swamp Pop in an audio post at Blind Chance.

I'll try to do these roundups every month or so. Got ideas about what should be included? Let me know!


Dann Berkowitz said...

The need for more assistive technology blogs:
and listings on my site.

Mike Dorn said...

Wow - your first roundup - look how far it has grown!

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