Friday, September 02, 2005

An invitation to post (Katrina)

I hope that readers of this blog will use this as a stem to post their thoughts on the inadequate disaster preparedness for New Orleans' long feared 'Big One.' When drilling for this kind of hurricane impact, the needs of New Orleans poor, inform and disabled populations were never brought to the foreground. How were people living check to check on public assistance supposed to pay for transportation out of their soon to be submerged neighborhoods? Who was looking out for their best interests? Geographers like Craig Colton have been warning about these dire possibilities, but unfortunately have not been in a position to affect policy. See my further thought on the unfolding Katrina disaster here and in the comments fields to posts placed here.

Update, 4:11 pm - The Association of American Geographers (AAG) will be establishing an information clearinghouse and fund to help geography departments affected by Hurricane Katrina. More information here.

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Dann Berkowitz said...

If interested - I have posted several items as of today (9/2/05)