Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disability Blog Carnival #25 is up NOW!

Kara Sheridan starts us into the second year of the Disability Blog Carnival with a fine edition built around the simple prompt "If..." IF you go have a peek, you'll find plenty of wistfulness and wondering, counterfactuals and contingencies, dreams and visions... and an autumnal handcycle tour that's not at all imaginary, and gorgeous to join, if only in a virtual sense. Go, find poetry, art, video, dogs, young folks, old folks, and a lot of terrific writing too.

Next edition will be hosted by Greg at Pitt Rehab, who asks, "How do you relax, unwind?" The deadline for submissions is November 5, so start relaxing now; it's important to fully research your subject before writing, isn't it? Watch for the Carnival to post on November 8, unless the Boston Red Sox win the World Series the week before--in which case Greg might need a few extra days to accommodate his celebrations. You can submit links for consideration by leaving a comment here, or with Greg, or using the form. As always, huge thanks to the hosts and other participants for making this carnival a vibrant and active part of the disability blogging community.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all your help, support, and encouragement on hosting the carnival. I had so much fun and am still enjoying the opportunity to become familiar with so many other cool bloggers. Thanks!

Gislaine said...

Hi! Are you Kara Sheridan who wrote a review about X-Men: The Last Stand at audacity magazine? I am a master student from Brazil. I mentioned you review in my dissertation about a Disability Studies perspective on X-Men movies. My advisor liked it, but she also said I need more information about you if I am to keep your insights, as it is an academic work. If you could get in touch with me, I would be very pleased. Thank you. Gislaine Bahls -