Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Class Portrait - Disability and Social Policy

Good morning DS,TU readers! Last night students and faculty celebrated the last class of Disability and Social Policy. The class portrait, which reminds us of one of those rock band publicity stills, features student Dusty Nathan in a sweater and tie for his class presentation. Another student in the course, Sara Acevedo, has been sick and thus missed the portrait shoot. We'll make sure to get her next time! To see the enlarged version, you can log into Flick using your YahooID and password.

Thanks to all of the Institute staff who gave us a hand this semester by visiting and sharing their expertise: Diane Bryen; Kristen Ahrens; Amy Goldman; Kathy Miller. Shout out for George Heake who served triple duty as an Institute presenter and as a student participant and presenter. We look forward to continuing to draw on Institute areas of strength and expertise in upcoming semesters. Keep an eye out for more news from the Disability Studies Program!

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