Friday, July 30, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival #68 is up NOW!

[visual description: photo used by RMJ in her edition of the Carnival; features a man making cotton candy; only his arms and torso are visible; a pinwheel and some heartshaped objects occupy the foreground]

RMJ at Deeply Problematic has just posted the July edition of the Disability Blog Carnival, with the theme "evidence." Go check it out for the usual remarkable range of voices and topics and tones--there really is something for everyone in the Carnival.

The next edition will be hosted at brilliantmindbrokenbody, with the invited theme of "distance." Here's the announcement. Submissions are due August 18th; you can leave a comment there or here, or if your post has the phrase "disability blog carnival" in it, I should be alerted about that too.

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Anonymous said...

August edition now up!