Friday, September 24, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival #70 is up NOW!

[visual description: Disability Blog Carnival logo featuring an old patent drawing of a back brace, with "the Disability Blog Carnival: a bracing event" superimposed in blue text]

Yes, #70.

Astrid has gathered up and organized a wonderful collection of links around the theme of "identity," with tantalizing extracted quotes that will have you clicking to read more. Thank you, Astrid.

Next month's edition will be hosted by lilwatchergirl at Through Myself and Back Again. At least, that's what the schedule said back in June. I'll confirm asap and point to any further announcements about this.


TOMAS said...

I want to thank you for the Carnival
especially for the inclusion of my art therapy blog in your blogrol. That out of itself was like the fabulous healing. It was so good to see that Modus Vivendi has something to offer to others - and thus people with disabilities aren't the total zeros but the participants of today's fiesta of life too.
With gratitude and love
Art by Tomas

Cara Liebowitz said...

Hey Penny, any news on the October disability blog carnival?

IrrationalPoint said...

I'm happy to do the November carnival. I'm having a little trouble thinking of a theme, though. Do you (or anyone else) want to suggest something? I was thinking something about disability and money worries, but that might be too upsetting (or too specific)? Maybe intersectionality?

My email, in case you need to get hold of me, is irrational_point AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.


Penny L. Richards said...

Hey Spaz Girl, I just learned this week that the October carnival fell through--life happens. But I'm about to post the link for the November carnival announcement!