Monday, November 08, 2010

Next TWO Disability Blog Carnivals are Announced!

[Visual description: A Disability Blog Carnival logo (apologies, I forget who made this one--Blue, maybe?) with "disability blog carnival" in red, superimposed over a photograph of the Alison Lapper Pregnant statue by Marc Quinn]

Carnival edition #71 will be hosted at the blog Modus Dopens, where Irrational Point invites you to submit your own or others' recent writing on the theme "intersections." If you have a link to share, email it to Irrational Point according to the instructions over there, by November 18, and watch for the Carnival to post sometime soonish after that.

Meanwhile, for your disability-related carnival-going needs, check out the very first Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, just posted last week! It's big, and it even has a cute button.

ETA 11/8: Dave H. has posted the specifics about December's Carnival edition #72: "Rolling Around in My Head will be hosting the December issue of the Disability Blog Carnival. I've tossed around various ideas for the blog and have decided to post it on December 21st which is the winter solstice and the longest night of the year. Therefore I've chosen the theme to be 'long nights and what we need to get through them' ... I've sure we've all had seasons of darkness and despair, hours of bleak desperation, I'm hopeful that people may have stories of what it took to get them through those times. Hope? Strength? Courage? Whatever it was, there's a story there to tell.

So, tell.

Please have submission links to me by the 15th of December. Email me at with blog carnival in the re line."

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