Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disability Blog Carnival #74 is up NOW!

[Visual description: historical image of a man in profile, facing right; he has a peg-type prosthetic right leg, and is using a walking stick. The words "Disability Blog Carnival" are superimposed. This was the second Disability Blog Carnival logo, first appearing in early 2007.]

Go have a read at Through Myself and Back Again, where Lilwatchergirl has assembled a good collection of links around the theme of "Participation." This edition of the carnival has "previews," little clips from each linked blog post, so you can get a taste before clicking through to the whole post.

Next edition of the Disability Blog Carnival is #75, and will be hosted by Emma at A Writer in a Wheelchair. Emma also hosted the 50th edition of the Carnival, so it makes some kind of sense that she's back for this milestone--and hey, the theme of her edition is....Milestones! Click over to read her invitation and instructions, then plan to participate (!) before the March 25 posting date.

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