Saturday, February 04, 2012

Disability Blog Carnival #80 is up NOW!

Emma at Writer in a Wheelchair put the latest Carnival edition up on Wednesday--my fault that it's not getting announced here sooner. Go check out her collection of recent links around the theme "Words."

One of the contributions to the 80th Disability Blog Carnival comes from Dave Hingsburger, who is hosting the 81st edition this month at his blog, Rolling Around in my Head. Here's his call for links:
I'd like the Blog Carnival to focus on the love we have for the things that make the world accessible for us.

Like the Blue Wheelchair Guy ... the little hottie all sexy in his chair ... or like ... your hot pink hearing aids or your flashing yellow crutch or you princess pink wheelchair. Or even something like my plain old black hospital style wheelchair. Sometimes I smile when I wake up and see my chair waiting patiently beside the bed to welcome me into my day and into my world. I feel, in those moments, real affection for the thing. More than that when I'm in it it becomes part of me, a real amazing part of me.

So, that's the challenge. Send me blog posts to with 'Blog Carnival' in the re line. Or post the link here in the comments section. I'd like to have these in by February 10. Thanks!
That's right, you have just a week to declare your love.

Want to host an edition of the Carnival in 2012? There are still slots available!


Dave Hingsburger said...

carnival 81 is done and will be up first thing the morning of the 14th as planned.

Penny L. Richards said...

WOW! That was quick. Now folks, we really need a March host. You'll have a little extra time because Dave is leaving you the rest of February, so...who's game?

Dave Hingsburger said...

Penny, I've also put a shout out on the carnival itself and linked to the list you had up a while back.

I'm Not My Disease said...


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