Monday, April 02, 2012

Call for links, April edition of Disability Blog Carnival: "Change"

The call for links on the theme of change is up now at -- here are the main details:
Disability is (often) not a static condition; it changes over time, gets better and worse, and your coping skills adjust accordingly. Write about some of the changes that in your life, either that have affected your disability, or that has caused your disability to affect your life in new ways. These may be disability-related or not; for me, the last year has brought changes both because of a change in medication (disability-related) and a change in my living arrangements (not disability-related). Any changes are fair game; broad interpretations of the theme are encouraged.

Submissions are due April 25th. ...To submit a post, just leave a link in the comments of this post - anonymous comments are allowed - or email me at Your submissions do not have to be new posts. Feel free to submit older essays or posts; however, I'd prefer if they have not previously been submitted to the disability blog carnival. ...The carnival is open to both people with disabilities and allies.

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