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Rolling Rains Report:
Precipitating Dialogue on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design
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A Disability Studies Academic Community

By rollingrains on Career & Continuing Education

A Disability Studies Academic Community DISC offers the opportunity for exchanging and locating information about research, teaching, resources, texts, program and syllabi development, professional opportunities, funding sources, and access guidelines.

From the web site:

It serves, too, as a digital repository for multidisciplinary syllabi, an interdisciplinary bibliography, archives of conference presentations, listserv discussions, and exhibits focusing on disability studies. DISC primarily serves scholars, teachers, students, librarians, and/or program administrators in higher education who are interested in or practice disability studies in a humanities context. Taken together, its contents answer fully the question of what the new field of disability studies in the humanities does.

The field of disability studies is circumscribed by the limitations of physical variations as well as location in time and space. DISC is not a substitute for physical communal interchange, rather it augments and facilitates such material communal activities. DISC makes isolated and uncoordinated, often inaccessible, events into an integrated, connected, and open community fully accessible to everyone who wishes to participate. DISC is the glue that holds together, supports, and launches the knowledge generated at such diffuse, multiple learning sites as classrooms, professional conferences, collegial gatherings, museums, locations of individual and group research, and other academic locations concerned with disability.

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