Monday, September 06, 2004

Bloglines - Olympic-Sized Inaccessibility

Rolling Rains Report:
Precipitating Dialogue on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design

Olympic-Sized Inaccessibility By rollingrains on News

The BBC's Matthew Davis reports from the Olypmic Games in "Challenges for disabled in Athens."

Even before you read the story image using a manual wheelchair where all the sidewalks had a sideslope to the street like that - certainly difficult for an amputee or hemiplegic not to mention with crutches, walker, or a cane.

Further reading from Dave Reynold's Inclusion Daily Express:

May 27, 2004 (second story): "Greek Cabbies Asked To Be More Accommodating"
May 28, 2004 (second story): "Athens Preps For Olympics And Paralympics"


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