Thursday, June 16, 2005

Accessible art OR parking

Rolling Rains Report points out this story, about a component of the Santa Fe Design Week festivities involving the beautification of accessible parking spaces. But...isn't there a problem? The art is only visible if folks with parking placards stay AWAY. Thinking through some more welcoming alternatives... maybe a sound installation that's triggered by the presence of a vehicle with proper plates or a placard? or maybe, something that points art-minded onlookers to notice the striped area NEXT to the parked van, highlighting the true function of that space (which is not, contrary to common practice, a great place to abandon your grocery cart).


Unknown said...

Excellent observation!

It always seems we are faced with choices over artificially-induced scarcity of appropriate accommodation. Another solution, one that anticipates the the aging of the Boomers, would be to increase the number of accessible parking spaces.

It was not clear to me from the information I received from the organizers whether this artwork is permanent or just a temporary installation. The "Invasion of the Grocery Carts," however, does seems to be permanent according to "Gimp Eye for the Clueless Guy:

Scott Rains

Penny L. Richards said...

Thanks, RR, I had a fine time browsing through Gimp Eye for the Clueless Guy--evolving parking lot etiquette reveals so much, doesn't it? Speaking of which, June 30 is only 9 days away--in odd years, June 30 is the day all the blue placards expire in California. Time to get the new one out of the glove compartments, folks!