Sunday, February 12, 2006

John Belluso, RIP

The thing about living with a disability is we adapt. Human beings adapt to different circumstances. It just becomes your life. It is only part of a larger picture of injustice that gets in the way more often than physical problems for the most part.
John Belluso, in a 2005 interview for the San Francisco Observer

Word came over the DS-Hum listserv Saturday that playwright John Belluso has died in New York, at the age of 36. Read here to see what a huge loss this is. Or here for a video clip. Or here for an newspaper interview from May 2005. Or here for an online roundtable discussion he led, titled "Possibilities: Disability Within Theatre." His plays Henry Flamethrowa, Gretty Good Time, The Body of Bourne, The Rules of Charity, and Traveling Skin are described here.

UPDATE (2/13): Here's the Playbill obituary for Belluso, published today.