Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meet Marianne McHugh (1930-1978)

It pays to read other blog carnivals. I was clicking along, enjoying the unsung stories of teachers and suffragists in the latest Genealogy Blog Carnival, a special edition for Women's History Month, when there she was, Marianne McHugh. Colleen at Orations of OMcHodoy has a nice long reminiscing post about her aunt, Marianne, was was born with Down syndrome in an era when that wasn't a promising start, to say the least. The many photos are such a treasure--baby Marianne with a favorite doll, smiling over the stroller of her new little brother, laughing with her little sister, playing in sand, dressed in her Sunday finest as a teen, in a cowgirl outfit at a Halloween party, posing with relatives (silly faces or solemn, she was great at both).

Go, meet Marianne McHugh.

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Colleen said...


Thanks for the spotlight on Marianne. I truly wish I knew her better, but at least her legacy lives on. I also didn't know about your blog, so will be linking it to my blogs so others can learn too. I'm also sending it to my work place, as I'm a social worker at a clinic for children with special health care needs. We're always looking for good information and discussions on children/adults with disabilities.