Friday, April 25, 2008

Disability and the Holocaust Event in Nottinghamshire, UK

Heather Hollins wants to alert our readers to an event she is organising as Access and Heritage Officer at The Holocaust Centre, in north Nottinghamshire, in partnership with the Nottinghamshire Disabled People's Movement on Sunday 11th May 2008. The event will acknowledge and remember the histories of the Deaf and disabled people who were sterilised and killed during the Holocaust, and will see the dedication of the first rose and plaque in the Centre's memorial gardens to the Deaf and disabled people affected by the Holocaust. The Pioneers Young Disabled People's Forum will also be unveiling their plans to create the UK's first permanent memorial to the Deaf and disabled people killed in the Holocaust at the Centre.

The day will include speakers and debate. Speakers will include Liz Crow, director and producer of 'Roaring Girl' films, who is currently making a film about the T4 programme; 85 year old Hans Cohn, MBE, will be speaking about his personal experiences of being one of the very few blind German Jewish children to have survived the Holocaust by escaping to the UK; and Ricki Westbury, Director of Disability Access Services, will be exploring the impact of the Holocaust on Deaf culture.

[Image description: A black and white family snapshot of Hans Cohn with his wife and his black labrodor seeing eye dog, posing in a back yard with folding lawn chairs on the background.]

Hans Cohn tells his story in an article entitled 'An Adolescence in Crisis,' from The Braille Monitor 47(5), published online May 2004. Inqueries about the event should be directed to Heather Hollins by telephone on 01623 836 627, by mobile or text on 07963 371 282, by fax on 01623 836 647 or by email.

[Image description: Hans Cohn sharing his story from notes, at the Disability and the Holocaust event. Standing behind him is a sign language interpreter.]

Update: "Dear Mike, Following our event, Disability and the Holocaust, attached are photos." Best, Liam
The Journey exhibition (launch 8th September 08) The Holocaust Centre (+00)1623836627

[Image description: Kim in her wheelchair, and Hans Cohn and Alison sitting on a bench in the garden at the Holocaust Center. Kim and Hans are holding a plaque that reads in white against a black background, and in braille, "This is dedicated by Nottinghamshire Disabled People's Movement in memory of Deaf and disabled people who were targeted or killed by the Nazis and other oppressive regimes. Spring 2008"]

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