Monday, November 01, 2004

Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT)
The Commonwealth's Assistive Technology Act Program
November 1, 2004

Dear Colleagues: Happy Assistive Technology Awareness Month ! ! !

Although we don't have the formal proclamation from Governor Rendell's office in our hands at this time, we are expecting it any moment and will get copies right out to you after we receive it! In any case, we hope you will use Assistive Technology Awareness Month as an opportunity to promote assistive technology as a tool to independence for Pennsylvanians with disabilities and Older Pennsylvanians.

Plan a static display of low tech devices; borrow one or more high tech devices from Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library to demonstrate; hang an AT poster from Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology in a prominent location; and/or stick a 'sunburst' with the AT Awareness Month message on your outgoing mail! Tell people you know about other Pennsylvania resources, such as the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation or the Telecommunications Device Distribution Program.

You can contact us (, 215-204-5395) for AT posters ("Assistive technology can help you do the things you want to do") or to request stickers, or for more information about other Pennsylvania resources for obtaining assistive technology. If you get a moment, let us know how you celebrated! With best wishes for a busy Assistive Technology Awareness Month.

Amy S. Goldman, Project Director, PIAT
Associate Director, Institute on Disabilities

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Anonymous said...

This is a queston, not a comment.I am disabled, with a memory disorder. I saw, but did not note down, a site connected to Temple, that advertised a portable keyboard for $200. Can you tell me how to find that site, and I will note it down for future rererence?>