Saturday, April 16, 2005

Color into sound

Mike Dorn invited me to join in here. I'm Penny L. Richards, a lapsed geographer (BS and MS) with a PhD in Education. I mostly do history of disability now, as a research scholar at UCLA's Center for the Study of Women. I believe Carol Marfisi and I are both from the Scranton area--it's a small world.

I came across this today--I hope this isn't old news here (didn't see it in the archives). A lab at Cornell is working on ways to make the colors on maps readable via sound: The blog Curb Cut Design linked to this story. Says the engineering graduate student who's working on the project, "Sometimes I just want to know where is the land and where is the sea."


Not My Disease said...

"colors on maps readable via sound" What an amazing idea

its myositis said...

An amazing idea. did we ever find out any more about it? Just letting you know 1 of your posts is full of spam in comments in chinese or japanese so I did not want to leave a comment there.

Penny L. Richards said...

A lot of the posts are full of spam--we fixed the commenting system to limit that, but I still haven't got around to clearing it out of all the old posts--it's just not my favorite way to spend time online. (I also need to update the blogroll sometime. In 2009 that took me a solid week, and I haven't found another week to dedicate to the task since then; it might even take longer now.)