Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Disabled Birdwatchers and a Film Alert

I loved this recent entry at Rolling Rains Report, probably because I grew up traipsing behind my grandmother and her Audubon friends on birdwatching trips to Hawk Mountain in eastern Pennsylvania, or Brigantine in New Jersey, or elsewhere.

And there's another disability-themed movie to watch for: It's All Gone, Pete Tong is a 2004 English film getting its US release in the coming weeks. It's about a club DJ who becomes deaf. (Haven't seen it yet myself, of course, but there are reviews out that make it sound worth a peek.)

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Unknown said...

Hi Mike.

Well if you liked Mt Gretna and the hawks you'd probably like birding at the Moss Landing Slough off Monterey Bay. I have been "volunteered" to lead a wheelchair accessible birding event there (date to be determined.)

There is quite an active disability leisure activity culture developing roots in Northern California. I could list several but the person who recruited me for the Moss Landing event, Steve Lyon, is the wheeler & scuba diver behind Accessible Events.

Watch for some very interesting events -- all organized by people with disabilities themselves - to open up for disabled folks from around the world (scuba, surfing, whale watching, handcycling, city tours)