Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Green maps for accessibility features?

The blog The Map Room pointed to this story yesterday, about the possibilities of "Green Mapping" for directing people to "anything that makes life worthwhile"--is that category broad enough to include ramps, accessible bathrooms, and other accommodations for people with disabilities, parks with good pathway surfaces and shady benches? Are the maps themselves accessible? The story doesn't say, but it turns out one of the official Green Map icons is "Mobility," which includes wheelchair accessibility. Another, "Culture & Design," includes a component to point folks to "senior friendly sites" with easier walking and frequent rest places. The "Toxic Hot Spots and Pollution Sources" icons might be of use to folks with multiple chemical sensitivities. The Green Map project for New York City (called the Green Apple Map) is looking at having a larger-print version in the next edition. Here is the website for the non-profit Green Map project, for more information.

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