Thursday, May 01, 2008

BADD: Skimmed and Overheard...

Some of the striking sentences and bits I came across just starting to skim and scan through the feast of posts for Blogging Against Disablism Day. I'll be adding to this over today and tomorrow--it's too much to read all at once! (I'm focusing on the ones I don't already have in my Bloglines feeds, because it's so much fun to discover a new voice, and there are a lot of new voices participating.)
"That's right, funky business owner -- the mall is more radical than you are." (Willendorf)

"Nobody ever says 'this is what it is like to be 24 and applying for Social Security.' Well, this is what it's like." (Never That Easy)

"So he had to go to a special pre-school and then a special elementary/high school. I found myself wondering if they had a special society hidden away that Tristan would then work and live out the rest of his life in." (Chanelle and Tristan)

"Sometimes I have good days and take the stairs. Sometimes I have bad days and take the elevator. Sometimes I have good days and take the elevator to avoid the chance of my day turning into a bad day. All of these decisions are mine to make, and are no one else’s business."
(Three Square Meals)

"All it would take is truly accessible public buildings and a completely accessible public transport network, and Stephen would never again feel the desperate need to bungee jump over a waterfall, shuffle up a perilous mountain on his bottom, or wheel across the Arctic tundra wearing nothing but a t-shirt emblazoned with the phone number of his charity donation hotline." (An Unreliable Witness)

" It still bothers me when everyone around me uses Healthy Person Logic and applies it to me and my life, because it works in their life and it’s just, to a healthy person, how the world works." (Jay Angel)

"So it is time to say it, and say it every day. There is no normal. There is no normal way to read, or to write, or to listen, or to see, or to get from here to there. There are simply ways of doing things, and the ways which work best for each human individual will vary - based in human capability and human desire and human preference." (SpeEdChange)

"When I applied for disability, the woman said to me, "I'm tired, too, but I still work eight hours a day." I am still furious over that remark." (The View from Room 7609)

"It was seriously, asskickingly empowering to create and post this piece. I love that it ended up so sexy. ...I offer it in celebration of BADD and badass mutant hot people everywhere." (Daisybones)


Tundrababe said...

Thanks for the roundup! There's so much good stuff there, it's hard to know where to begin looking.

Unknown said...

Ditto @ The Angry Gimp.. :))

After finishing a few chores, am seriously considering writing each on a slip of paper then doing a random draw such as Fate would have me read.. Am working on consciously setting aside the personal time and consideration their wonderfully heartfelt Thoughts deserve..

Cyber hugs from North Georgia.. :)

Never That Easy said...

Wow: thanks for including my post ~ Isn't this year's BADD amazing? I'm a bit overwhelmed, but in a totally good way!