Thursday, May 22, 2008

Disability Blog Carnival #38 is up NOW!

Kathryn at Ryn Tales has done a lovely job of gathering a wide variety of posts around the theme "spirituality and disability." Check it out, for heartfelt explanations, pointed critiques, joyful celebrations, and humor, too--because what's better for the spirit than some well-timed laughter? This edition's theme was chosen before the story of Adam Race hit the news, but several of the contributes comment on that current situation, too.

Next edition will be hosted by Emma at Writings of a Wheelchair Princess, on June 12 (three weeks away). She's set the theme "If I knew then..." which seems like a very open invitation indeed, so write something and submit it for consideration: you can use the form, or leave your link in a comment here, or at Emma's blog, or you can just use the phrase "Disability Blog Carnival" in your post, and I'll probably find it that way, too.

A note about the site: We've known since before we started this Carnival in October 2006 that the CAPTCHA security system on is not great for accessibility. We've always had several alternative means of submitting links, and we certainly hope nobody's been left out. But it's lately come to my attention that does not have any intentions to update to a more accessible security feature; most inquiries on the matter (including my own) have gone unanswered. This is a problem. Let ( know that they're behind the times with an inaccessible security feature, that better alternatives already exist, and that there are plenty of users who do care about this issue. (And let me know if you find a more accessible site to manage our carnival submissions.)


Anonymous said...

completely off the top of my head just thinking aloud here, but would some form of yahoo group or live journal community or similar be a more accessible way of organising carnival submissions? For my carnival if people prefer, they can use to send them to me. Tis useful if you stick something carnival or disability like in the subject line though so I don't mistake it for spam!

Penny L. Richards said...

We actually don't collect many of our submissions via the site--a few, but most of them I gather up through search feeds, these days, and I know quite a number are submitted by email directly to the hosts.

The advantage the site continues to provide, which isn't so much affected by the CAPTCHA barrier, is publicity--they link to many, many carnivals, the get mountains of traffic, and they give casual browsers a chance to find us. Without that presence, we risk becoming a closed community, without new visitors. I haven't found an alternative service that would give us that.

Anonymous said...

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