Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ouch! Podcast #2 is ready for download

I was hoping the first episode wasn't just an April Fool's treat--and I'm relieved to say, it wasn't. Episode #2 of the BBC's Ouch! Disability Podcast appeared this weekend in my iTunes podcast listings, and it's more of the same, again hosted by Liz Carr (left, in stage makeup) and Mat Fraser. So if you liked the first, you'll probably like this one too. Oh, and there's a contest: they're inviting listeners to contribute their own renditions of that chipper theme song of theirs. We've posted the lyrics here already, so have at it. I'm thinking they need a variety of styles-- calypso? cumbia? reggaeton? Perhaps a nice waltzing lullaby version? It's an international call from the US to leave your version on their answering machine, but give it a shot, someone?