Thursday, April 12, 2007

Disability Blog Carnival #12 is up NOW!

Tokah's posted the latest edition of the Disability Blog Carnival at From Where I'm Sitting--the theme is "Disability and Culture," which Tokah threads through groups of posts about Crip Culture, Assistive Technology, Accessibility, Screen and Stage, Quality of Life, Blame, and Politics--that's a lot of coverage, and a lot of links; something for everyone, surely.

Disability Blog Carnival #13
will be hosted by Amanda at ballastexistenz on April 26. Submit using the form, or leave a comment here with your links, if that works better.

Does hosting look fun? It is--and I'm looking for hosts for May and into the summer now. Leave a comment here if you're interested. We've got several repeat volunteers willing, but new hosts are always cool too.


Kay Olson said...

Penny, sign me up for hosting in May. Either date, depending on any other takers. The theme will be "firsts" and I hope to encourage our nondisabled allies to contribute too.

David said...

Hi Penny,

I would like to host another blog carnival in May. The theme I am thinking of is Top Ten Lists - inspired by BBC Ouch's Top Ten Lists.

The lists could be anything from Top Ten Things I Like To Do for Fun, to Top Ten Tips for Service Providers, to Top Ten Disability Funnies.

Like Blue, I hope our "nondisabled allies" contribute too.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to host a blog carnival. I may need some instruction on how to do it.

I have a blog for group home support staff and managers. Jan's Group home Support (

Anonymous said...

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