Monday, August 06, 2007

In the News in Southern California

A comment here at DS,TU alerts us that Pedro Guzman has turned up alive in a jail in the Antelope Valley--I'm still looking for some news coverage of this development, but if it's true, it's great news. And I hope the whole strange story can be explained now, somehow.

But while I was looking for that, I noticed that the LA Times had a story yesterday about the disability community and AB 374, the assisted suicide bill recently defeated in California. It features quotes from Paul Longmore, Marilyn Golden of DREDF, Ann Guerra, and Laura Remson Mitchell (against the bill) and Alan Toy and Lloyd Levine (supporting the bill). It's a good piece; thanks to the writer, James Ricci, and all involved for presenting the issues clearly and respectfully.

UPDATE (7 August): Our commenter had the scoop--Pedro Guzman has apparently turned up alive--but it took till late this morning to find confirmation at the LA Times (thanks to Stephen Drake for the tip). Seems Guzman was found trying to return to the US (he is an American citizen) at Calexico. The ACLU is starting a press conference about Guzman's reappearance in a few minutes (1pm California time).

UPDATE (8 August): NBC 7 in San Diego has a new photo of Pedro Guzman after his return to California: "His family said he ate out of garbage cans, bathed in rivers, and was repeatedly turned away by US border agents when he tried to return to California." So, US authorities were seeing him repeatedly during this time--and nobody suspected that he was the Pedro Guzman that was urgently sought? He was an American citizen, lost, confused, and in trouble in Mexico for almost three months.

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