Thursday, June 28, 2007

Disability Blog Carnival #17 is up NOW!

Steve and Connie Kuusisto are hosting the latest edition of the Disability Blog Carnival at Planet of the Blind, with a fine gathering of posts around the theme "Laughter, the Best Medicine." How many kinds of laughter disability bloggers know! Nervous giggles, gallows humor, defiant jests, in-jokes, clever wordplay, funny home videos, ROTFL online quirkiness... Thanks all for sharing your sense of the absurd.

Next two Disability Blog Carnival editions are scheduled to appear on July 12 at Retired Waif, and on July 26 at Arthritic Young Thing, where Zephyr (currently guest-blogging at Ouch!) has set the theme as "Sex." (There now, that should crank up today's sitemeter figures a bit.) Submit links for consideration at the Blog Carnival site, or leave comments here or at the hosts' blogs.

[This time around, I'm joining Kay in using her first logo, from a series of six so far that have been created for the Carnival. The "Somewhat Disabled" parking sign photograph seemed best for this particular edition! It's superimposed with white lettering, reading "Disability Blog Carnival (come share the uncertainty)."]