Thursday, October 26, 2006

Disability Blog Carnival #2 is UP NOW!

Go on over to the Gimp Parade for a fine parade, indeed, of links to bloggers on "The Cure," learning, and attitudes. (Cool images of vintage medication labels, too.) Thanks so much to Blue for making the sophomore outing of the Disability Blog Carnival a great success--and thanks also to David Gayes and The Goldfish for taking charge of the next two installments. Do you want to host one too? There are openings starting in December.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,

Clearly we have some hard acts so follow, but Steve and I are willing to give it a go in December. Mid-December would be best if that works for other carnival enthusiasts.

Penny L. Richards said...

Hi museumfreak, Emma at the Wheelchair Princess blog already has the January 11 edition; but how does January 25 suit you? I need an email address from you, wherever you want the submissions sent, and you'll be on the schedule. Thanks!!