Sunday, July 29, 2007

News from former Blog Carnival hosts

Retired Waif, who hosted the Carnival earlier this month, has a new baby. Go, admire the pinkness of fresh life. David, who hosted the Carnival in November and is scheduled to host it again next month, has just returned from a whirlwind trip in Costa Rica--he has a slideshow (in fun retro Viewmaster format--hey, isn't David too young for Viewmaster nostalgia??), in case you're needing a vicarious vacation. And Tokah, who hosted the Carnival in April, is recently wed, and she's sharing photos of the party and video of the dancing. I hereby throw some virtual rice (or popcorn, or birdseed, or whatever) for the happy pair.

On a more worrisome note, Kathryn, who hosted the Carnival at Ryn Tales back in May, has had a rough weekend in the hospital with her daughter Ellie--meningitis has been mentioned as a possibility, which is always scary, but even more complicated for a kid with a shunt. Maybe drop them a note of encouragement and support if you get a chance.

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