Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Call for links, September Disability Blog Carnival

A carnival edition is set for September 27th. Here's the call... short version, extracted by the host herself, below:
"...I've decided to provide a non-compulsory theme to help out those who feel they want it: Being Seen. It's something I'm struggling to work out for myself, so I figured I'd ask how you all are handling it - How do you want to be seen? How are you seen? Do you feel invisible? What aren't people seeing that they need to see? Are you looking for a way to get noticed, or are you hoping that nobody will?

Please don't feel like you have to stick to my theme, though: if you've got something to say, I will find a way to make sure it's included. Since I don't tweet, and my FB is obviously off-limits because of anonymity, you can either leave a comment here (at with your e-mail or a link. Looking forward to all the entries... "

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Call for links, August Disability Blog Carnival

Here's the call. August host lifeofthedifferentlyabled has an email address to send submissions to; they'll be accepted until August 20th; suggested theme is "courage."