Monday, May 01, 2023


 It's been a few years since May 1 was Blogging Against Disablism Day, but I still think of BADD when the calendar turns. This year, WikiProject Women in Red is having a virtual editathon on Women & Disability during May. (Yes, you can join in!) I figure I can make an appearance here and report what I'm doing for that editathon, which will mostly be writing new biographical articles, plus adding images or otherwise improving existing articles.

Here's what I've done for the event so far (beginning in late April 2023, to get a running start on the event). I mostly work on US subjects, and deceased subjects, but sometimes others. Sometimes I work on men's biographies, but usually only as a tangent; but when those are relevant I'll list them here too.

1. I destubbed the article on writer Susan Nussbaum, which was previously one sentence. 4/22/23

2. I added an image to the article on music educator Almeda C. Adams. 4/26/23

3. I started a new article on Floy Schoenfelder (1919-2000), co-founder of the Polio Survivors Foundation. 4/29/23

4. I added references and otherwise tidied the article on artist Lucille Wallenrod. 4/30/23

5. I added a 1957 photo of Rosalyn Faye Lee and Jack R. Gannon to Gannon's article. 5/1/23

6. I started a new article on educator Elizabeth Simpson Burke, aka Sister Joan Margaret (1906-2005). 5/1/23

7. I added an image and some references to an article on Haitian violinist Romel Joseph (1959-2015). 5/1/23

8. I improved the article on basketball player Junius Kellogg (1927-1998), with an image and other additions. 5/2/23

9. I started an article on rehabilitation specialist and college dean Elizabeth Eckhardt May (1899-1996). 5/3/23

10. I started an article on Hungarian-born philanthropist Marion Mill Preminger (1903-1972), who served on the President's Committee for the Employment of the Handicapped in the 1960s. 5/4/23

11. I started an article on Georgia medical records librarian Thelma Van Norte (1912-1985), who trained blind medical transcriptionists, and worked on patient records at Georgia State Hospital. 5/4/23

12. I added a 1966 photo of Harold Russell with Thelma Van Norte to the article on Harold Russell. 5/4/23

13. I started an article on American Foundation for the Blind field representative Lotta S. Rand (1868-1956).  5/6/23

14. I started an article on librarian Etta Josselyn Giffin (1863-1932), 1st director of the National Library for the Blind. 5/7/23

15. Kinda tangential, but I started an article about writer and photographer Beatrice Pitney Lamb (1904-1997); she worked with the League of Women Voters and the United Nations before turning her eye and pen to India. She was also Christopher Reeve's maternal grandmother. 5/15/23

16. I started an article on Philadelphia clubwoman Rose Goldsmith Stern (1866-1931), who advocated for deaf education and for supports for deaf veterans of World War I, as chair of the Welfare Work for the Deaf subcommittee of the National Council of Jewish Women. 5/18/23

17. I also started a WikiQuote page for Rose Goldsmith Stern. 5/18/23

18. I added a reference to the existing article on Sarah Fuller (1836-1927), teacher and co-founder of the American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf. 5/19/23

19. I added a photo and infobox to the article on oralist educator Harriet Burbank Rogers (1834-1919). 5/19/23

20. I started an article on Annetta W. Peck (1871-1958), executive secretary of the New York League for the Hard of Hearing. 5/19/23

21. I started an article on Canadian poet Annie Charlotte Dalton (1865-1938), billed as "the Poet Laureate of the deaf." 5/20/23

22. I also started a WikiQuote page for Annie Charlotte Dalton. 5/20/23

23. I started an article on lip-reading advocate and educator Elizabeth Helm Nitchie (1880-1961). 5/21/23

24. I started an article on Tulsa disability rights advocate Jill Zink Tarbel (1924-2009). 5/23/23

25. I started an article on Mouth magazine publisher and activist Lucy Gwin (1943-2014). 5/25/23

26. I started an article on activist and writer Connie Panzarino (1947-2001). 5/25/23 

27. I started an article on activist and artist Anna Stonum (1958-1999). 5/28/23

Stay tuned, I'll be adding more most days of May 2023.