Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is it time for a Carnival?

The monthly Disability Blogs Roundups we've been posting here at DS,TU for over a year have been a lot of fun to assemble; but every month, there are more and more blogs to read, and I feel like we're letting a lot of good stuff slip by. One solution would be a blog carnival instead--so folks could submit their best posts and the best posts they've seen elsewhere. We'd also be able to share hosting duties with other blogs.

So, just as a trial, I've set us up on blogcarnival.com. Click here for the place where you can submit links, by October 9, for posting October 12. Just want to see how this works. Either way, we'll either have a carnival or a roundup here, that week. If the carnival works, then we can set up a schedule of host blogs to share around the fun. Volunteers?


Kay Olson said...

Yay! I'll do the next one. Would that be October 26?

And will the first carnival have a theme? I'd like to have the theme of "The Cure" for the one I host, if that's ok.

And I'll put the notice out while I still have the Alas forum.

Anonymous said...

The one bad thing about the BlogCarnival site is that they use Captcha to prevent spam. They currently don't have an accessible alternative, so screen reader users and those with vision difficulties are unable to submit. One suggestion is to have the blog host create a post with moderation enabled on the comments, so that people who can't use blogcarnival because of the captcha issue can submit that way.

Penny L. Richards said...

Absolutely Nickie, and thanks for the heads up on that issue. We'll do that. For now, use this comment thread if blogcarnival.com can't handle your submission.

And Blue, I've got you down on BlogCarnival's schedule for the next one! Thanks!

The Goldfish said...

Super idea, Penny. Thanks for organising this. :-)

The Goldfish said...

Um sorry, I meant to volunteer to do one, although I know the one directly after Blue's one will be a bad time. So can I have the one after please, November 23rd?

Kay Olson said...

Penny, I know many hosts for the feminist blog carnival take submissions through their email account, specifying a subject heading. I don't know how submission at the carnival site works, but possibly there's a reason emails are often part of the process.

Are emails a generally accessible submission format?

Penny L. Richards said...

Yes, please, email is also appropriate. I think that's how I usually submit to the Carnival of Feminists, when I do.

Goldfish, good idea--you'll be taking the second November carnival, which falls right before Thanksgiving here in the US, so it's maybe best that the carnival go overseas anyway. Hooray! The Disability Blogs Carnival is going international already!

Kay Olson said...

Penny, any particular theme for the first carnival?

Penny L. Richards said...

I wasn't thinking of any set theme, but the entries submitted so far (thank you folks!) are about living with a new disability, public space and disability, and facing curious or intrusive comments ... so if any of those catch your fancy, they're already building as categories.

Connie said...

Hi ~

I am sure I could talk Steve into hosting a carnival but before I do, this relatively new blogger could use a little help. What does it really mean to "host" a carnival?

Thanks in advance!

Connie Kuusisto

Penny L. Richards said...

Hi Connie--that would be great! Hosting a carnival means that the submissions (links to recommended posts) come to your email, and you gather them (and some of your own finds) into a post something like our roundups--it can be more/less elaborate, as you see fit. Not so complicated!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I'd be glad to host a Carnival over at http://qw88nb88.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

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