Thursday, October 25, 2007

Embellished cast

Found this on the blog of artist Aileen Roberts, it's what she did for her sister's cast:We should all have such cool sisters! (Go see it at Aileen's blog to catch the other side of the design.) Reminds me of the bling kit Sara's true love gave her, to decorate her leg. Or my own son's Christmas stockings. Kinda gives holiday decorating a whole new dimension, eh?


Kay Olson said...

That almost makes me want a cast. To, you know, blingify.

Aileen said...

Penny thanks for checking out my blog it lead me back to your blog where I discovered the pimped out leg too funny LOL We should all have a little bling in our life ;-)

Happy Creating!

Anonymous said...

That is lovely!

And Kay, I still say that wheelchairs and power chairs are just full of embellishment potential. I'm still researching reliable glues; the E6000 really did not do much to keep on the Swarovski crystals with which I replaced the original stick-on bling, not in the face of boots and trike pedals and the like. You could solder all kinds of stuff onto the metal parts of a chair, though, and then there's always paint. I've found acrylic housepaint stays on really well, even on slick carbon fiber.

Anonymous said...

This is totally the coolest thing ever! I've had dozens of casts (and don't want another) but none were this pretty:-)