Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday paper tells the right story

So I looked at the front page of the LA Times today, and said, "Hey, I know them!" David Denney was a classmate of my son's a few years ago; I remember that his mother Amparo always worked for the best in their classroom. She's a great advocate for David. Their family was featured in a front-page feature story in the LA Times--but I was glad to see it wasn't the usual horrid cliched "what a burden, what saints" story about the family of a disabled kid.

Instead, this is a story about an insurance company's decision to deny the home nursing David requires, nursing that it had previously covered year after year. It explains the hoops, the forms, the calls, the letters, the appeals that followed... and how the family accessed Medi-Cal, our state's medical insurance program, to keep their son alive while the fight for continued coverage continues. The value of David's life and his status as a beloved son are never questioned here--as they too often are in stories about other families, other kids--the insurance company's decision and its impact on the Denneys are the focus of this story, and rightly so.


Unknown said...

You might want to include this link, since the site doesn't want us to read past the first page without registering: BugMeNot logins & passwords for

Penny L. Richards said...

Oh thanks, Moggy--I didn't see that problem because the site knows I'm a subscriber, I guess? Also don't know how long the story will be available there, should have said that too.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see progress. Also very good to see these things being documented where lots of people can read about them.

I really like that photo they used, too.