Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival Hosts: Check in!

[visual description: Disability Blog Carnival logo, featuring an old patent drawing of a torso bracing device]

So I think this will be the lineup of hosts for the upcoming Disability Blog Carnivals. I'm working from the comments stream in my last post about the Carnival. People often volunteer to host without giving me any way to contact them by email, so it could take a while to confirm everyone here, and of course things can always change, no matter how much we all try to stick to a plan. But I think this might be close to how things play out:

July: RMJ [confirmed!]

August: Kali [confirmed!] THEME: Distance [announced here]

September: Astrid [confirmed!]

November: IrrationalPoint [confirmed!]

December: Dave [confirmed!]

January 2011: Spaz Girl [confirmed!]

February 2011: Lilwatchergirl [confirmed!]

If you're listed above, please confirm to me that your assigned month will work, and email me an address that I can use to communicate with you. If you're not listed above, and you like the Disability Blog Carnival, join me in thanking those who have volunteered to carry the next five months' editions, and think about whether you might like to take a month in 2011.


Astrid said...

My E-mails to you keep being returned. I will host September indeed. I'm not sure how to contact you re the theme, since I'm not sure I can reach you via E-mail.

Penny L. Richards said...

Yeah Astrid! RMJ has also confirmed by email. Love seeing a schedule firm up like this.

Not sure which address you're using--they should all work--but try again, turley2 AT

That's the one where I just got notified of your comment here, so it should work.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Penny, I'll take December.

Astrid said...

That E-mail address keeps returning my messages. I hope it will work once I've figured out a theme, but how else can I contact you? Leave a comment?

Cara Liebowitz said...

I'll take a month, doesn't really matter which month, I guess since Dave has already volunteered for December I'll take January. I'll probably have a lot of time then anyway since for most of the month I won't be at school.

Penny L. Richards said...

That's odd Astrid, but try
turley2 AT adelphia DOT net, see if that works for you.

SpazGirl, you're on for January. Yeah!

lifeofthedifferentlyabled said...

ill take a month don't care which i am the host of please conatct me at thank you

Anonymous said...

Emailed you! I'm excited to be taking the month of August. Hmm, now to think up a theme...


IrrationalPoint said...

November works for me. Thanks loads! I'm reachable by email at irrational_point [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] uk.