Friday, November 26, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival #71 is up NOW!

The November edition is up at Modus Dopens, and it's a good solid collection of links, around the theme of intersections. Go, fix yourself a drink (suggests the host!), and have a read.

The December edition is due to post at Rolling Around in My Head, where Dave H has invited posts around the theme "long nights and what we need to get through them," appropriate for the month with the literal longest nights (in the Northern Hemisphere), and a month with holidays that can feel like very long nights for many. Submissions are invited by December 15th for inclusion in the carnival.

ETA (12/15): f you're planning ahead, January's carnival will be hosted at Butterfly Dreams, with the theme "Let Your Freak Flag Fly!" Go over to the call for submissions for elaboration on that, and instructions for submitting links.

Thanks as always to hosts, contributors, readers and commenters, for making the Disability Blog Carnival happen (now heading into our fifth year--first official edition was October 2006). I'll be posting another call for hosts in the new year, so think about whether you'd like to have a turn in 2011.


Human hair wigs said...

I'll definitely wait on your posts for 2011. I love your site because I got to learn a lot of things. I hope you will get great contributors who can share their great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I saw that you're looking for hosts for 2011. I might be interested, depending on when it was.

Cara Liebowitz said...

Hey Penny, I've posted the announcement and theme for the January DBC at my blog. Check it out and please spread the word! :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

me again, I always do a sexuality carnival on disability, sexuality and love on Feb 14 ... have for the last few years. do you want it under the umbrella of the DBC?