Thursday, November 03, 2011

Disability Blog Carnival #77 is up NOW!

[Visual description: Disability Blog Carnival logo by Ryn, featuring a black-and-white photograph of a man and a boy. The man is in uniform and holding crutches; he is apparently an amputee; the boy is holding onto one of the crutches as a child might hold an adult's hand; the two are photographed from behind, and we see beyond them a seashore and a bridge]

Spaz Girl at Butterfly Dreams was in the midst of some serious tumult recently, but she still hosted a fine edition of the Disability Blog Carnival, with music as the theme. Go have a read, and leave her a comment with your favorite "strong" song--she's collecting them!

The November edition of the carnival is scheduled to appear at Believe in Who You Are, hosted by Martha there. ETA: Here's the call for submissions. Martha writes:
...was there a disabled character from a book or movie, fictional or nonfictional, who inspired you when you first became disabled? Is there someone whom you have met in real life or online who has had an impact on how you view your disability or disabled people in general? It doesn't have to be anything huge; it could be something as simple as before I didn't know I could dance from my wheelchair or this tip helped me save time on my low energy days.
When you submit, I'd like your name or screen name, the name of your blog, and the link to your post. Links are due by November 27.


Amanda said...

It says "When you submit..." but not HOW to submit. I posted my submission as a comment at the call for submissions. But since nobody else has done so I'm wondering if everyone knows something I don't. Please let me know what to do!

Good said...

No 77 ! Great stuff

Penny L. Richards said...

Hi Amanda--I saw your post linked over there, and it came through in my Google alerts for the Carnival too. Each host is responsible for explaining the how and when and where of submitting links; it's been that way since we stopped using (which happened because they weren't responsive on the inaccessibility of Captcha).