Thursday, December 08, 2011

Disability Blog Carnival #78 is up now!

Actually, it's been up for more than a week--but I just found it. My apologies to the host, the contributors, and all eager followers of the carnival. Anyway, Martha at Believe in Who You Are has the November edition, around the theme of inspiration (in all its complexity). Go have a visit, definitely some fine links worth checking out.

The December edition is scheduled to be hosted at After Gadget. Here's the very thorough and clear call for submissions, around the theme "Occupy!" Links are due December 26, for December 28 posting.

In January I'll start recruiting hosts for the 2012 editions, so watch for that if you've been anxious to host a round.


Sharon Wachsler said...

Here is the call for subs for the December Disability Blog Carnival:

BTW, I also included info about why and how to rid of Captcha. (I'm not sure if you're aware that that feature is engaged here.)

Penny L. Richards said...

Much appreciated! I've adjusted the settings, I think correctly, but it's hard for blog authors to tell because captcha doesn't appear for us.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I will be so happy if this works. I've been upset by how many disability rights blogs have Captcha, but then I learned recently that it's gotten more complicated to get rid of them. If you get no follow-up comment from me, assume this was word-verification free! And party!

If a Captcha pops up, I'll comment again to let you know.

P.S. Switching to wordpress ID so people won't be confused about where the carnival is at. Wish I'd thought of that with my first comment. Oh well.