Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Call for links, March edition of the Disability Blog Carnival: "Firsts"

The call is up at I'm Not My Disease for the March edition of the Disability Blog Carnival:
I wanted to make this easy to join in. We are such a diverse group. What we all have in common is blogging so I would love everyone to connect in this Disability Carnival with their first blog post.
If for any reason that option doesn't appeal or work for you, you're invited to spin an entry from some of the other meanings of "first," helpfully offered at the call. Closing date is March 10! So make this first on your list of wonderful things to do soon.


I'm Not My Disease said...

Thanks Penny - this is great

Dave Hingsburger said...

Penny, I am mentioning you in my blog tomorrow and linking here. Drop by ... I found a picture of Peter Fagan

Doc Stardust said...

Just came across this site and am very grateful that I did. I'm doing my PhD in Information Science and am interested in how and why people end up with certain assistive devices.

I am learning so much as I read through the carnivals. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource -- and I thank each and every one of your bloggers for sharing their thoughts. I have been surprised, stunned, humbled, and angered -- and educated -- by everything.

Thank you.

Not My Disease said...

# 82 Disability Blog Carnival is up now at Not My Disease.