Friday, October 17, 2008

Disability in other campaigns this year

We haven't had an equivalent of the 2006 Michael J. Fox ad this season (yet), but here's one current ad from a Senate race (New Mexico) that's tightly focused on disability, specifically on brain-injured young veterans:

[Video description: Erik Schei, a young man with close-cropped sandy hair and glasses is seated facing the camera, with a screen in front of him. We hear him in a computer-generated voice explaining that he is an Iraq War veteran who was brain injured by a sniper's bullet, and not expected to survive. He then thanks Congressman Tom Udall for supporting funding for research into traumatic brain injuries. At the end of the video, he mouths the words "thank you."]

Run across any others?

Added later: More on Erik Schei.


All 4 My Gals said...

Now that is a good ad. I'm so tired of the negative crap. Just inform us, what have you done, what have you intended to do. You know?

Anonymous said...

We, at United Cerebral Palsy are interested in a discussion of the issues that politicians should be concentrating on during this election season. Thank you for posting this video.

We also will be writing about it on our UCPeople blog that will be released this Wednesday.

Thanks again.

eda said...