Friday, February 26, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival #63 is up NOW!

[Visual description: Carnival logo featuring a black-and-white photograph of an old hospital, turrets and such, with the words "Disability Blog Carnival" and "Can't shut us up now" in yellow scrawly print across it.]

And it's a WOW of a carnival, at the disability community on, on the theme "relationships." There are lots of links, lots of different blogs, and even if you only read the choice quotes avendya selected to represent each submission, you'll leave the table with plenty to think on. But don't do that, go read the full posts too, and comment to thank the submitters for their strong work.

According to my schedule, the next carnival should be hosted by Athena, Ivan, and the Integral at their blog. The stated theme I was given is "If you had a chance to strike down a single stereotype, which one would it be and why?" Stay tuned at their blog for more on this. Meanwhile you can send submissions to me or put them in comments here, I'll be sure they get to the hosts for consideration before the March carnival posts.


Cara Liebowitz said...

Here's mine! My first post for the disability blog carnival...I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Penny: we posted the DBC, and put this first entry in it. It's up now.......please let everyone who's interested know......we'll be accepting entries until the end of March.

andrea the integral