Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Legal Affairs Debate: Is the ADA expanding?

As always, we wish to thank our readers for bringing news in the wide world of Disability Studies to our attention. Professors Samuel R. Bagenstos, and Ruth O'Brien have been invited to discuss the importance of recent Supreme Court decisions extending the power and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act to allow individuals to sue states for monetary damages. Sam Bagenstos represented Tony Goodman before the Supreme Court in its latest decision rendered January 10th. Enjoy daily installments of their discussion in Legal Affairs magazine's web exclusive "Debate Club" through Friday, February 10. If this only whets your appetite for more, why not check out next weekend's 'Disability, Narrative, and the Law' conference at Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law. The program features an illustrious group of presenters, building on the groundbreaking effort to link law and narrative found in Ruth O'Brien's edited collection Voices from the Edge.

Additional Resources:
Samuel R. Bagenstos, Disability Law blog, http://disabilitylaw.blogspot.com