Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where is Pedro Guzman?

Nobody knows, including Pedro himself, at last word. While he was in jail for a misdemeanor trespassing violation, the 29-year-old Los Angeles-born man from Lancaster CA was mistakenly identified as a non-citizen, and turned over to Homeland Security for deportation in April. In mid-May, he called a relative, probably from Tijuana, but he wasn't sure. No word since then.

This week, his family filed suit against the LA County sheriff's department and the Department of Homeland Security. "My worst fear is that he is no longer living," explained Guzman's brother Michael. "He doesn't know how to read. He often can't remember his family phone number. He even gets lost if he gets off the main street in Lancaster." Michael Guzman confirmed that his brother attended special education classes before he dropped out of school; he speaks English and Spanish, but is unable to read in either language.

Pedro Guzman is an American citizen, a disabled man, abandoned by US government officials, alone in an unfamiliar place, after a misdemeanor trespassing violation. They could have looked up his birth certificate, or called his family, but nobody bothered. Now, nobody knows where he is. Or if he's even still alive.

At left above, a photo of Pedro Guzman, as shown at this local news website.

UPDATE (7 August): Pedro Guzman turned up alive in early August.


Formerly Fooled said...

Thank you for posting this sad story.

I hope Pedro Guzman is found soon. It's every disabled child mother's nightmare to have something like this occur. People are so ignorant of the limitations of others and reform is needed on a general scale.

I am praying for him and his family, and that something like this NEVER happens again.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. government kidnapped a mentally challenged man, and left him in Mexico. I wish more people could focus on that and leave the immigration issue second.

Anonymous said...

While my heart goes out to his mother, I also understand his arrest record was less than commendable. Beside drug and sales, theft and generally bizarre behavior--police saw him in a different light. He was sentenced to 120 days. He opted for deportation after 20 days. Mas menso que mi tia Cayetana. He misrepresented himself as undocumented to facilitate that end.

Anonymous said...

Pedro's alive! He was found Sunday and currently is in a jail in Antelope Valley!

Anonymous said...

This story inpmies the case may be fake.

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